Gadget Review – Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Summer here in Australia officially ended over a month ago, but us Queenslanders get a much longer dose of warm weather than our southern neighbours (let’s not mention the rain though). That, and the fact my kids would live on ice-blocks if I let them, was enough reason to splurge on another kitchen gadget that I really needed (honest)!

I googled around for the best deal on the Zoku Quick Pop Maker…

and ordered the original machine (which came with a free extra set of Quick Pop sticks), a character kit 
and a Quick Pops Recipe Book from Everten (No affiliation – just giving an honest appraisal!). This was the first time I’d ordered from Everten, but with their fixed price shipping and product on my doorstep in a few days, I was very impressed and will certainly shop with them again.

Once I’d unpackaged everything I popped the Zoku machine in the freezer for 24 hours as directed. What a tease! I flicked through the recipe book and was disappointed (but not surprised) to see many US ingredients, but I was certain I would still find it useful.
My first two attempts were creamy/milk based ice-blocks, and they took much longer than the 7-9 minutes suggested in the instructions. They turned out better than I expected (eventually) and were a hit with the family.
Today I tried my hand at a kiwi recipe which I modified from the recipe book.
I followed the kiwi layer recipe, and raided the pantry for a ‘red’ layer to replace the cherry version – flat lemonade and a little red cordial created a ‘pink lemonade’ layer. Watermelon would have worked much better…next time!

Placing the fruit pieces on the inside of the mold can be quite tricky- I tried tweezers but results were highly variable, the pieces stick so quickly whether they are in the correct spot or not!
I worked out the paddle (face plate) from the Character kit is the best tool for accuracy.
These were well received and the kids have now started requesting recipes from the book and certain characters – the worst part really is waiting for the mold to refreeze another 24 hours before it can be used again!
VERDICT – good investment if your family eats a lot of ice-blocks. I like the idea that I can control the ingredients that go in so potentially they can all be healthy choices.

If you keep the machine (fairly compact in size, smaller than a loaf of bread) in the freezer all the time, and all the ‘bits’ in a container in the cupboard, it really doesn’t take up much space at all. Not sure it’ll help the waistline though…