Homemade Fish & Chips!

Mr B. and Alex went out fishing again last night…they’ve been half a dozen times in the past week but returned home empty handed most times. We are so lucky to live within 10 minutes of not only the beach, but a lovely clean river system.
Their persistence paid off…after I’d toddled off to bed around 10.30pm, the boys arrived home with a bream and a MUD CRAB! They were very excited, and I was very proud, but um, a little nervous! What do we do with a crab?!!
Thank you Google…after a short nap in the freezer, Mr Krabs had a little swim in a hot spa…on the stove top. By that stage it was really late, so we put him back in the fridge overnight.

Here he is all nice and red today…shame the spa didn’t clean all that mud off though, he’s one dirty crab!

Cracking the crab open was quite an experience – having never done such a thing before, I proceeded to dictate directions to Mr B, all the times wiping crab juices off the laptop as it sat alongside the crab on the kitchen bench – great biology lesson!
Mr B. then filleted the fish, and I popped some fries in the oven.  I sliced some zucchini, and together with the fish pieces and larger crab pieces, I cooked them in tempura batter – we were so excited to sit down to our very own fresh, locally caught seafood lunch!

The seafood was so light and absolutely melted in the mouth…delicious!
There was a small amount of crab meat to nibble on – quiet sweet actually, and I’ve put in an order for the boys to bring a few crabs home next time so I’ll have enough crab meat to try Nigella’s Coconutty Crab Cakes, which sound divine.
Yes I’m a vegetarian, but I do eat seafood (does that make me a Pescetarianism? sounds contagious!) if I can get fresh, local products – can’t get much better than this!