A week of Juggling

This week there’s a familiar feeling creeping in with the cold air. It’s that feeling of spending every waking minute trying to keep all the balls in the air. That juggling act whereby all the balls hold equal importance, and even though you know you can’t drop any, you hope that the few that slip out of your fingers will bounce back.

The children form the most important ball for me to look after – this week I’ve been wiping away the sniffles (green, snotty noses really, but who needs o hear that?!), trying to ease coughs at all hours and yesterday I was the rock and Oliver the limpet. He was attached to me all. day. long.

Housework is the ball I care least about, and resent the fact I have to keep it up. Unfortunately, clothes don’t wash & iron themselves, and I’m yet to have that magic fairy appear to vacuum, mop, make beds and slip daiquiri’s into my hand.

My studies are getting very little attention…that ball is only just staying up there.

School and the outside world is the ball I must be seen to keep up, to keep it polished and shiny, and free from any blemishes. Yes I’ve forgotten the excursion note, the mother’s day raffle and my kids have had vegemite sandwiches every day this week, but I’ve helped with readers twice and not worn my tracky pants once to do pick-up!

Family & friends, I’m sorry to see your ball dropped too many times. It always bounces back, but it shouldn’t have to.

There’s too much juggling for much else, which is a shame because I know having the oven on would make a real temperature difference in my house…I’m fuh-reeeeezzing!

This week I’ve been:

  • drooling over these coconut lime cookies. I still have a bowl of limes to use, and I’m imagining some big white choc chunks in those babies…yum.
  • waiting patiently for strawberry season to start again, thinking of all the goodies I can make. We’re lucky enough to live within 30 minutes of at least 4 PYO strawberry farms (that I know of anyway!), and going to pick our own bucketful has become a lovely winter tradition for us. Here’s Oliver last August.

  • making this super easy Chicken Florentine Pasta for dinner last night. Predictably, the fussy one only ate the chicken, but otherwise it was a winner. I’m fast becoming a Pioneer Woman fan, can you tell?
  • reading this book which has been a revelation to me…review to come once I’ve made one of her recipes (it will not be the bear’s paw – that’s a promise).
  • Wishing I was going to the Noosa Food & Wine Festival which starts in a week just up the road from me – oh the food! the wine! the people! Far too expensive for me & with Mr. B. away, not going to happen with 3 little people.
  • Thinking that as a consolation, I can manage Paniyiri with 3 little people. Oh the haloumi! the baklava! the plate-smashing!
  • Watching a bit of the new Masterchef. I watched the first two seasons but pretty much ignored it last year – I’m very much over reality tv, and once I’d seen Junior Masterchef I was quite saddened to see the pressure those kids were under. None of it seemed very real to me. And the reality for me is that when it screens at 7pm, I’m trying to get kids to brush their teeth and skidaddle off to bed! I’ve caught a few snippets so far, and loved seeing all that fresh produce they picked up on the Mornington Penisula (oh those Mussels!), but I’m unsure if it will suck me in this year or not. I will admit to loving some of the cookbooks put out by former contestants (Kate Bracks’ The Sweet Life and Adam Liaw’s TwoAsian Kitchens are high on my cookbook wishlist – reviews to come!), and think it’s a great opportunity for those talented cooks out there, but I have to agree with whichever judge said the other night “Why not do an apprenticeship?”. I guess any chance at television fame is too appealing to pass up for some!
  • Planning Mother’s Day for this Sunday – do I do afternoon tea or lunch? Savoury or sweet? With Mr B. away and my kids still too young to organise much for me, I’m hoping to spoil my mum a little this Mother’s Day. She’ll just be returning from a SE Asian holiday and may still be jetlagged, so I want to take it easy on her…what to do, what to do? Going out is out, so we’ll do something nice here…hopefully!