What’s floating your boat today?

Today I’m ridiculously excited – Mr B. arrived home yesterday, one week earlier than expected. BUT (there’s always a but!), he’s home early because of an unexpected roster change, which means he goes back to work next week for 3 WEEKS! Gah!

For today though, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Yes I’m excited to have another adult to talk to, to assist with cleaning and bathing and disciplining the maniacs, and to feel like a proper family again. More importantly though – I can cook! I can make real dinners, hooray!

When I’m on my own with three kids, 5pm is definitely the worst time of day. I so dearly want to disappear into my cave (the kitchen!), but instead I am refereeing arguments and detaching the whining toddler from my leg. Every day. For weeks on end.

I’ve always wondered why that time of day is called ‘the witching hour’. When they’re screaming blue murder at 3am as a baby, that’s the kind of witching hour you want the goblins to appear in and take little Toby away; to a place where David Bowie has awesome hair, funky tights and rockin’ friends. Little Toby will be safe there!

Dance, magic, dance!

When my kids carry on at the 5pm witching hour, I’m kinda wishing there were witches around to either scare them into submission, or turn them into mice like the wonderful Angelica Huston…

Oh wait a minute, that’s exactly what I look and sound like most evenings! Better keep practicing my spells (and watching less 80’s films) and get the cauldron bubbling.

Know what my kids get for dinner on those fun nights? Not slugs, snails and puppy dog tails, but exciting stuff like Fish Finger Rolls!

Yummy! Or maybe my five-minute friend – Nachos.

If I’m feeling particularly guilty about the lack of vegetables in their diet, I cut up some salad vegies and they can make their own dinner – taco’s. Aren’t I creative?

So I won’t be winning mother of the year award this year…but today I don’t give a hoot because I know I’ll be in the kitchen tonight cooking up some good grub…without a toddler attached to me, and without my witches hat on. That really floats my boat…what about you?


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