Cookbook Review: Eva’s Kitchen

Let’s be honest – the words ‘cookbook’ and ‘Eva Longoria’ don’t really seem like they belong in the same sentence together. ‘Eva’s Shoe Closet’ or ‘Eva’s Hairstyles’ would have been more logical titles to publish, surely. I’d heard the book existed, doubted Eva’s dietician could offer any new lettuce recipes I didn’t already know about, and therefore dismissed it as a serious cookbook.

So why did my hand hover over it a full 3 seconds when I saw it on the library ‘new titles’ shelf? Still no idea…but I smuggled it into my pile and borrowed it, checking the whole time that nobody was watching. I took it home, opened it and expected a good giggle. 
I was pleasantly surprised.
There are no oscar ballgowns, no waif-like celebrity poses, and no cottage cheese. There is a lettuce recipe I didn’t already know about, but it looks delicious!
Eva strikes a fair few grinning poses throughout the book, but they’re mostly her with family & friends, or doing surprisingly domestic kitchen jobs such as washing the beets or chopping vegies.
Her cookbook style is exactly what I love most at the moment – a good range of easily-achievable recipes, lovely photography, a little bit of Memoir, all mixed in with personal anecdotes and appropriate tips & tricks. She speaks of her childhood and those who inspired her passion for cooking, and many of the recipes are credited to friends or family.
Eva’s Kitchen contains a good mix of appetisers, main courses, sides, desserts, etc, and whilst there is a dominance of Mexican influence, she also includes dishes that have a French, Hungarian, and English (to name a few) background. Her inspiration for the latter often comes from her travels…there’s not a hint of jealousy when I read “When I go to New York, I often eat at…”!

There are a few ingredients I’ve never heard of before, but for the most part the recipes include items that would be fairly easy to find in the supermarket.

There’s no mind-blowing oh-my-god-I-must-make-this-NOW recipes. If you already own a good Mexican cookbook, you’ll have half the recipes anyway. But there’s certainly something appealing about this cookbook, and it’s borderline meeting my Rules right now. I’ll mull over it a few more days before I decide if it goes on my wishlist or not.


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